About Book

The objective of the book is to eliminate what I call “Information Arbitrage” and make you aware of and prepare you for the life inside campus so that you are able to make an informed career choices and enjoy your course to the fullest.

This book is not only for IIMs but for all Indian B-Schools, because learning is universal and can be applicable to any other B-School and even post-MBA years where you develop your career and life.

Normally we seek advice from friends, seniors, coaching professors, etc to answer our queries and dilemmas, but get frustrated as nobody tells you the real truth in an unbiased way. As it is said, “Every Advice is Autobiographical”

But this book will give you unbiased insider’s information which you can leverage to make a great career!
Hope this book will help you take at least one right decision in your life which can change the course of your destiny!