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Do you ever felt that “Wish, I knew it before!…I would have been much more successful than what I am now!” or “Wish, somebody has told me this before, I would have been done it better!”

It happened to me many a time! I am sure there must be at least one occasion in everybody’s life when a person thinks this.

Many times we search for answers in such a desperation as if we are the only chosen one by God to suffer a misery! But it is not true. 99% problems in human life are already been faced and solved by some human being in this world. We just have to find the correct source. This book helps you finding one in terms of your career and life in a B-school.

If you are preparing for one year or two year MBA or you have taken admission in a B-School but still searching for answers, this book can become your genie who can show you direction for an extremely successful career and life.

It contains some untold, secret truth of a B-School life and decision making which can make or break your career and life. So ignore it at your own risk!
My only pray to god is that this book helps you take at least one right decision which can change your destiny for good! God Bless!