Black Book

Much has been written and taught about getting admission into a B-school, but one hardly finds the answer when it comes to questions like “What to do after getting into a B-School”, “Should I really need to do an MBA?”, “Two-year course v/s One-year course, which one is good for me ?”,“What and Where to prepare before joining a B-School to stay ahead of the race”, “How to make the most of the campus resources”, “How to take right career decisions?”  and many more dilemmas faced by the students.

“The Black Book,” tells you much more than just entering the Business school of your choice. This book is a culmination of all practical things you should know while pursuing your two most crucial years in a B-School. Right from explaining the modules, to smart hacks, to even finding the apt working or life partner, this book is for keeps for anyone wanting to make the most of their last two years as a student.

In a nutshell, “The Black Book”  tells you exactly what needs to be done to ‘Make it Large’ after entering a B-School!